HANDLOCK Tattoo & Cafe Loft

“Rare Tattoo Art Workspace in China”

HANDLOCK line music as a well-known tattoo team in Guangzhou, was established in 2015, after three years of accumulation, in order to let everyone have a better service experience, transfer the spirit of timely line music, so as to create a rare domestic tattoo art workspace Tattoo & Cafe Loft. The first floor is the coffee art space, with rotating staircase and geometric division as the main elements to divide the space, with various sculptures and artistic arrangements, with a full sense of hierarchy. The second floor is tattooed art space, with containers and staircases to form the concept of indoor buildings, with street graffiti elements, even if not tattooed people can come here to take photos, cool and fun.

Container style design appearance, let a person see at a glance impressive.

Encircled by sculptures and artistic arrangements, it’s also nice to drink coffee, then walk up the iconic swirling stairs to the second floor and pick out a chic tattoo for yourself.

The second-floor tattoo studio has a more artistic atmosphere, with colorful graffiti painted on semi-open containers and walls, decorated with beautiful neon lights, making the tattoo process enjoyable.

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