Fujiwara Sausage Flour Store

“Come to Fujimoto’s Intestinal Powder in” Touzi D “”

This is not the “Fujiwara bean curd shop” in “D”, it is “Fujiwara sausage noodle shop”, but it almost restores the image of Fujiwara bean curd shop in the movie. Entering the store, I saw various models of cars collected by the owners. I could see why they were named after Fujihara. Another reason is that the shop is located at the foot of the mountain, the boss jokingly described here is Shenzhen “autumn famous mountain”, and “head D” has a variety of links. But in fact, the owner opened the shop only to give the car friends a place to have dinner and rest up and down the hill, and now it has become a must-see for racing enthusiasts, car model lovers, and fans of “D” movies. As for why sell “sausage flour” rather than “tofu”, just because the owner likes to eat sausage flour.

Since it has something to do with “D”, “AE86” is a must. In addition to the owner’s collection of models, even the cashier has made the front of the car look, and then hung on the “AE86” license plate.

Intestinal noodles is a famous Cantonese snack, “Fujimoto Intestinal noodles shop” adhere to full self-made, every afternoon at 17:00 to start business, will be sold out of the day’s business.

Picture @ weibo Eating grapes without vomiting grape skins 0730, gentle pink cocoa

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