Artron Art Centre

A wall of 40,000 volumes

Shenzhen Yachang Art Center is a large-scale art center which integrates printing, artists’ archives information platform and cultural integration.It needs to make an appointment in advance or hold an open day activity before it can visit and experience, and it is quite inconvenient to visit and experience in a place that is not close to the downtown area. Yachang is probably better known for Yachang Art Network and its proudly printed technology. The blue central building, surrounded by three sections of highway, is a rounded, triangular structure that swirls upwards, giving the center a different shape in three angles, and a shared open-air garden in the center. The center has a 3,900-square-meter Yachang Museum-style art bookstore, a 30-meter-high and 50-meter-wide art book wall, a grand theater, multi-functional hall, galleries and aesthetic merchandise area, restaurants, offices, and well-equipped printing, plate-making and binding workshops. Yachang hopes to turn it into an art education center with art books as its core, an art market information exchange platform and an art comprehensive service platform.

Yachang Art Center is a blue building at the junction of a highway triangle.

The building is also a ring-shaped “triangle”, open atrium is a space for activity.

The 30-meter-high and 50-meter-wide art book wall is a big selling point of the Yachang Art Center, which must be booked in advance before it can be visited.

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