“Colored Shopping Town LOFT”

Shenzhen has opened many comfortable and fashionable shopping malls this year. Upper Hills is a city complex with multi-shopping experience, high-end apartments and hotels. The colored LOFT shopping town on the third floor is an iconic place to take photos and punch cards. In response to the terrestrial environment, URBANUS urban practice in the design of the surrounding Lotus Mountain and Bijia Mountain image into which, with living LOFT and office LOFT to create two artificial mountain volume, while the quiet space into a piece of space, interspersed with a wide pedestrian street, arranged a high and low staggered, rich levels of vitality of small towns, full of fine shops with a single building.

Unlike traditional department stores and shopping malls, it is more of a flagship store in a single building, giving guests a more vibrant and diverse shopping experience.

Comfortable and stylish block LOFT design with large colored walls has become the hottest photography and clocking area in Shenzhen this year.

MUJI since its inception, the first set of hotels, restaurants, lifestyles as one of the project, South China’s first Fanji stores, Taiwan tea brand Jingshengyu mainland, the first store, and so on, are gathered here.

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