Compass Café by Curator

“Coffee, good wine, good food.”

Whether it’s a strong cup of coffee in the morning, a leisurely luncheon meeting, or a few cocktails at the dawn of the day to get you and your best friend off their tiredness, Compass Caf é is probably the fuel and harbor of the day. Intoxicated with the details, only to bring the customers who have been destined to bring warm and sincere hospitality, unique shape taste different dessert, while constantly innovating, retain the eternal respect for the classic. Compass Coffee came to Shenzhen from New York to redefine the urban lifestyle, hoping that it will become a place where every customer can draw energy and experience blending, and a place where they can reap a sense of belonging when they leave home.

The storefront space design takes the dark color as the main tone, under the urban fashion sense atmosphere everywhere diffuses the coffee fragrance and the guest’s laughter.

If you like western food, you can come to the restaurant from 12:00 to 2:00 noon. There will be a selection of lunch packages for you to choose from.

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