“Finding the Beauty of Pure and Independent Dry Flowers”

Vaga Fille was founded in the summer of 2015 by two girls who loved flowers, art and handwriting. Vaga Fille is a French word literally translated into Chinese as “The Wandering Girl”. In this era of self-seeking, free breathing, creation, love and walking are also the core ideas of the brand. Located in the office building of futian central district, the studio is in the form of floor-to-floor window loft with two floors. The first floor is furnished with rich and retro dry flower areas, including dry flower bouquets, devices and creative dry flower products. The second floor is the original dry flower jewelry and selected ancient works The original intention of the manager to establish the brand, It is not willing to be discarded after the flowers wither, but also hopes to show the pure and independent attitude of the dried flowers. Therefore, the materials of “Vaga Fille” are all taken from all kinds of flowers purchased in the mountains or around the world, dried into dried flowers, and then give us the emotion in the present, and match the creation into works with soul and vitality. We also redesigned the arrogance of the dried flower as an ornament by combining it with resin and wearing it on our bodies, so our ornament line is called “Poetry of Time.”

Like vintage classic temminick, so the shop will have around the world scavenged back classic works.

Many people are fascinated by culture & style from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, watching old movies, scavenging for antiquities, and collecting age-sensitive objects.

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