Laps Laps

“Here’s the Freak Shake that’s all over the world.”

Shenzhen’s buddies must have been brushed up by the online store, Laps Laps, a 1950s retro-American Freakshake drink store with eight different creative scenes, blue-pink and neon lights to create an afternoon tea scene with a teenage girl’s heart popping, and a beverage that is both attractive and tasty overseas. During the day, it’s a fantastic Budapest style, turning into a cool music video location at night, a vintage convertible, a gift box with a dollhouse, and a swimming pool area where you can shoot big shots of what you want to see. In addition to clapping, don’t miss out on Australia’s popular Freak Shake, which is based on a milkshake and topped with cream-filled donuts, offering a combination of looks and tastes that can’t resist the heat.

Laps Laps is an American retro Freak Shake restaurant that has become a hotspot for online celebrities as well as overseas beverages and stunning scenes.

Mosaic mirror room, gift box with doll room, swimming pool area is a large area of instant vision.

Be sure to clear your phone’s memory before you come!

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