“‘Designing’ organic restaurants that are redder than’eating ‘.”

You must have seen a Shenzhen restaurant on social software many times, and the “photo background” of the Sunshine Room on the second floor is a bit like a continental snack bar or a Shanghai online sensation called Black Bird. LonFood, from Huizhou, Guangdong, opened in Shenzhen in August 2016. It is a metal glass room with terrazzo floors and a grayish-white marble kitchen bar, dining table and green plant walls. LonFood loved the Alpine beauty of Mattherhorn, and they framed the cold, sharp snowy mountain wind into a circular work of art, decorated like a logo in every branch. Kenji Yuan, executive chef in charge of the production of LonFood Kitchen, is a Hong Kong resident who has lived in the United States and France for many years. He began to study cooking at the age of 17. After working in a famous Western restaurant in Hong Kong for many years, he went to France to study under the Gordon Ramasy sect of Michelin Seven Stars, known as Hell’s Kitchen God.

Long Food adheres to the “farm-to-table” concept, strictly selects the best organic ingredients for the season on local farms, and develops healthy dishes with strong continental flavors.

Quarterly meals are now up to the standard of zero monosodium glutamate, zero trans fat and 70% local farm ingredients.

During the day, LonFood is a superb light-food attention restaurant, and on weekends it turns into a bar with an open-air location. LonFoon is actually a complex catering brand that encompasses organic produce and aesthetics florists, boutiques and exhibitions.

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