Weicong Mountains and Seas

“Vision and the Enjoyment of Taste Bud”

Taste from the mountains and seas is a 798 art district, a major natural and warm art dessert shop, the name alone reveals a poetic and picturesque, the whole space is closely surrounded by green plants, like came to Alice Wonderland, feel can jump up here at any time. The chef is a blue ribbon from his previous study in London. Each dessert is as delicate as an artwork. From the name to the plate to the palate, there is beauty and attention everywhere. It can be seen that the shopkeeper has made a lot of efforts in the quality of the dessert. It is worth mentioning that even his home menu is unique, each dessert is equipped with a special copy, but also specially invited famous photographer Lisbon for them to shoot large films, rather than looking at the menu, it is to enjoy a collection of works.

Every dessert has a beautiful name: Sunny Rain, Snow Reef, Rice Wind … just look at the name already very want to eat.

The ubiquitous green plant gives a relaxed and pleasant feeling. Dining here is a kind of enjoyment.

No matter dessert face or taste, are very pleasing.

Photo/weib: Maocha Milk Huang Baoxi Brother

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