“Japanese Street Culture & Cross-border Cooperation of Craftsman-level Food”

FATKO Eel Fresh Shipping Department Store, a new Japanese food store, was founded by NIKOKO, a fashion artist and head of the FATKO toy brand, and Sun Yi, a doctor of nutrition. The first store was opened in Beijing. It is located in Xidan, the old commercial center of Beijing. It is a new Japanese food store with cross-border cooperation between street culture and Japanese craftsmanship. The FATKO Eel Fresh Shipping Department Store uses the immersive Japanese street experience, where diners seem to be on the streets of Shibuya and Shinjuku in Tokyo. The eels in the shop were roasted that day, with crispy leather and juicy meat, bringing a bite of satisfaction.

FATKO Eel Fresh Shipping Department Store is a Japanese restaurant specializing in noodles, saucepans, sashimi, roasted birds and home-brewed beer.

In addition to insisting on the quality of cuisine, we have a reputation among fashionable young people for creating a shop environment and selecting environmental music.

FATKO Eel Fresh Shipping Department Store is the most famous “National Eel Chips”, using the traditional Japanese Kansai white barbecue eel techniques, and other eel restaurants on the market have a big difference in the way of Pu-bao.

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