“In this courtyard, the whole sky is yours.”

In this hutong 180 meters east of Lu Xun Museum, designer Aoyama Zhouping transformed the old courtyard house into a modern-looking residential home. If you don’t look carefully, you may miss out on the insignificant little logo screen on the door and the house number “14,” which is “skillful.” Hidden in this neighbourhood of the White Pagoda Temple and Lu Xun Museum, the courtyard is designed and reconstructed on the original courtyard structure. The entrance is a semi-open caf é, and the opening of the iron gate is a complete courtyard with a patio and a small art gallery, in addition to six rooms. The stylist follows the unification on the tone strictly in the room style, the floor of black walnut wood, armrest, black iron sheet and key chain, the detail that the room displays presents unified black, white two main tones, it is typical green hill style, meticulous and attentively. In addition, the skylight in the room, or small balconies or ceilings, or courtyard-facing floor-to-ceiling windows, not only to ensure sufficient light, sitting on the sofa to see the flow of light and shadow, the whole sky is your own.

Here you can see a lot of elements of the old courtyard, the stone in front of the room, the old window frames, bricks are deliberately left behind by the designer, so as to blend in the surrounding residential areas without losing the sense of modernity.

The name of the shop comes from this big tree on the balcony. A tree is a skill. This is not only a lodging, a coffee shop at the gate, a small art gallery and a terrace, but also enriches the leisure time of the guests who come here. Sitting on the deck chair on the terrace in fine weather, with trees, towers, sunshine, is very comfortable.

No matter be the paper towel box of the bathroom or the light control in front of the door, the subtlety is the ingenuity of the designer, the furnishings of the room are more exquisite.

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