The Orchid Gulou

“South Gong Terrace Brunch”

Even in the vicinity of Nanluogu Lane, Bao Chao Hutong remains quiet and undisturbed by the crowds of tourists, and Orchid Gulou is hidden in the lane and needs your attention to find it. Please be patient until you find it. After all, the hutongs are still full of unpleasant smells. Once you walk into it, you’ll find it has a different perspective. Green grass green onion, this courtyard by the transformation of small and delicate space, the design of a combination of Chinese tradition and Western style concise style. Despite being a boutique hotel, Orchid Gulou’s dining is open to the public, and its terrace and rooftop are good places to rest and dine. This weekend brunch is quite popular, remember to book in advance so you don’t have to shut the door.

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