HUI HOTEL Shenzhen

“It beat all that five-star hotel up north.”

HUI HOTEL, located next to Shenzhen Kilometer Green Center Park, is jointly invested and constructed by Duoduo Group and YANG Yangbangsheng Hotel Design Group. The hotel is rebuilt from the old factory building and designed in the style of oriental elements. HUI HOTEL is named “Hui”, which is taken from the characters with Chinese traditional culture, meaning “Return to Origin”, which is also the concept of hotel management. Located in the bustling Futian business district of Shenzhen, the 8800-square-meter old factory has been renovated with 85 guest rooms and a smaller room area of 50 square meters. The floating windows of the rooms face in different directions, giving each room a different view of the city. The shape of the word “Hui” is the main material of the hotel pattern and decoration design. There is a water courtyard outside the window of the top-level restaurant, overlooking which is also the shape of “Hui”. The furniture aspect uses the Chinese and Western combination furniture, displays the Chinese contemporary artwork, is simple and elegant. In addition to the rooms, there are also two Chinese and Western restaurants, book bar, banquet hall, fitness room, indoor swimming pool and other catering and leisure facilities.

TripAdvisor’s 2016 Travellers’ Choice list ranked HUI HOTEL fifth, beating all the high-end hotels in North China.

The biggest characteristic of the hotel should be its facade, the whole white building facade has been irregularly treated, the floor-to-ceiling windows on one side of the street protrude from the building like geometric blocks. Looks like a stack of boxes, this treatment makes the area of different rooms have a more flexible distinction, while the room floor-to-ceiling windows also have a different view.

. Walk into the lobby and you’ll find the word “nature” embodied in the popular plant walls and bird cages lined up on long wooden tables. The check in back to the hotel is different from the usual hotel. You just have to sit on the sofa and wait.

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