“Watch out for opening hours, CBD Cafe opens 1 hour late on weekends.”

21 GRAM COFFEE from Xiamen chose to open a 15-square-meter cafe in the center of the Futian CBD, where there is a “community-style” boutique cafe, which is an unspeakable blessing for coffee-loving office workers. Although there is not much room, but the 21 GRAM space design is simple and transparent, Cement-gray with white tiles neatly and cleanly, the door is a whole piece of floor-to-floor glass windows, outdoor a low stool for guests to rest and sunshine, menu because on the wooden card, neatly hung on the gray cement wall, wooden coffee bar covered with gray grindstone table, indoor seats only opposite the bar wall, also can sit around eight people. Coffee prices range from 20 to 30, and the CBD can be said to be very healing when it comes to fresh coffee beans and hand-made orders.

This standard community cafe environment is comfortable in the CBD.

There is not much complex interior decoration, more people are bought coffee to take away.

Even if the price is not high, every cup of coffee is warm (touching) to the guests.

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