“A boutique hotel where you can listen to the wind and see the sea”

Now it seems that many people will link boutique hotels with luxury, rigor, boredom, etc., but Shenzhen “Chen · Li” boutique hotels break the routine, hoping to use the hardware and housekeeping requirements of five-star hotels to create an interesting experience for customers. Located in the first row of the coastline of the residential town of Jiaochangwei, Longgang District, the “Chen · Li” boutique hotel has a very good location and you can hear the waves when you go out. The overall decoration takes a simple modern style, combining Japanese courtyard and clear water clay elements, and skillfully collides with modern metal and a large number of log colors to achieve a sense of peace of mind balance. All rooms are furnished to a luxurious five-star standard, 100% ensuring guest comfort. In addition, the hotel also holds art exhibitions and salons from time to time, and provides guests with on-site experience services, cooking, bazaars, cocktails, sea sports and so on. It is a boutique hotel that makes guests feel comfortable, comfortable and interesting.

“Chen · Li”, the two leaders of the Swiss C é sar Ritz School of Hotel Management graduate students, many years of hotel management experience, they spent up to 21 months of effort to complete the “Chen · Li”. Offering simple meals, the hotel has only five rooms, four of which are sea-view rooms that offer morning dew, sunrise and ocean views.

The rooms on the second and third floors are furnished to a five-star standard and each room is furnished with an invincible sea view balcony. Different from the surrounding residential hotel style, the top floor of Chen Li uses a large number of white space, giving people a visual relaxation and enjoyment.

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