“Men and women together, a thousand cups not drunk”

The name of the bar comes from the song of the same name of the Oasis band. The feeling of moving and changing the scene is like the moral in the lyrics. The course of life is beautiful, and the light we seek is dim and bright. On the first floor is a beer Bar that can watch football. The style of the beer Bar is trendy in Europe and America. Lu Shao’s favorite football display and old Beijing elements and objects coexist harmoniously in the ambiguous retro-style light. “Men and women match, not drunk” classic slogan, a straight into the heart, but also men and women must take photos punch card place. The second floor is like a swollen teenage girl’s heart. From the iron staircase you can see a large pink, as if you were walking into an old time somewhere. Star-trimmed Acre tabletop, wrapped in delicate silken pleats, hidden behind curtains of private cards … like a space shaped by a child-like adult. Main cocktails and whisky on the second floor, special wine list inspired by songs and old movies, meals have a lot of Beijing flavor. Taste is very personal, Lu Shao will play out their willfulness in this space, holding the heart to do is a happy thing, wine in this is an emotional amplifier, doubt and blankness, sadness and romance, can echo in the melody.

Wonderwall is conveniently located in the drum tower and nanluogu lane business district in central beijing. It is the first bar in beijing to serve lu shao diners

Wonderwall is a two-storey, hidden tavern with an outside deck and terrace. On the first floor is a British sports bar with elements of old Beijing, and on the second floor is a French romance with a retro touch.

Wonderwall offers a one-stop selection of fine beer, fine wines, vintage whisky, special cocktails, and four wines. To meet all your needs and those of your friends. A relaxed atmosphere an unobtrusive tavern, watching ball games, chatting, parties, parties, events, dates, play. And provide rich seasonal food, eat and drink a dragon. Lu Shao will serve you in person every day at the store.

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