Now Mansion

“Enjoy the luxury of the French dessert and Whisky Lounge at the Castle.”

Now Mansion sits on a crowded street in Baizi Bay and may not be easy to locate if it’s the first time. There is no pompous decoration, the white walls are in sharp contrast to the surroundings, and the doors and windows are designed in the shape of industrial gears. Push open the door and walk through the long narrow corridor to enter the dining room, as if in a Gothic castle at the moment. Wherever you look, you will find antique furniture with a century-old history and a beautifully decorated collection. Coffee is a rare breed found in various regions of the world, mainly roses and special treatments. The second floor of the open kitchen, guests can not only watch the dessert production process, but also personally operate; Display the glamour of Whisky at night in Golden Drop Golden Lounge. There are only three tables a day. Remember to make an appointment in advance.

The caf é is rich in beans ranging from Moqqa in Yemen to the full range of Pacamara-like beans. In addition, it also includes many well-known producing areas, such as island producing areas, blue mountains producing areas of beans.

The chef has studied in France for many years and has worked in two Michelin restaurants, where he has a unique concept of French dessert. Every dessert has its story, and only by constantly tasting it can you know which one suits you better.

It is extremely private, only receiving three tables a day, so you can enjoy the feeling of packing every meal time.

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