1/4 One Quarter Coffee Lab

“Coffee makes a quarter of life”

Uncle Xi can be said to be an important figure in the coffee industry in Beijing. Earlier, when I worked at Migratory Bird Coffee, there were countless guests, either for a glimpse of the real thing or for a cup of Uncle Hee’s coffee. The new store, in line with the focus on a few fine coffee starting point, invited Uncle Hee as a partner. Less than a month after the opening, many acquaintances went there, rain or shine. There is the smell of old Beijing Hutong, there is the gourmet world of Yanjie carrying handles, there seems to be a cool but lovely uncle Xi, and love coffee everyone.

Located in the east of 46, the location is very convenient. Many of Uncle Hee’s acquaintances will choose to sit at the bar and chat.

Uncle Xi is really a very lovely person. “If you don’t like it, please let me know. I’ll make another one.” Whether he comes to see Uncle Hee or to have a cup of coffee, he is responsible for every guest.

The shop specializes in a few fine coffees, but his “Old Beijing Dirt” is so popular that it uses ice-bok distilled milk for the competition and has a very unique taste.

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