Blue Room

“It smells of laziness everywhere.”

Cafes that fit in with bars are becoming more and more popular in the capital, and each one seems to have its own charm. There is also one such cafe on the commercially popular West Drum Tower Street. It opens every afternoon, and while regular coffee is available, it is better known as a cocktail. The retro bar, the big chair that makes people want to be lazy especially, and the shadow that pours down through the big tree at the door when the sun shines, all send out a faint lazy flavor.

The facade is very nice and blue neon lights stand out on Gulou West Street. When the weather is fine, the shadows of the trees at the door are very charming.

It’s a cafe by day and a bar by night. Regular hand brews, espresso, but more famous are the various cocktails: happy, lost, wisteria, orange monsters, and so on. Among them, Wisteria and Lost are popular.

Whether it’s the bar or anywhere else, it’s a very comfortable sofa chair. The vintage design, coupled with the continuous playing of black glue, seems to go back to the last century.

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