\ “Shouxi Fever Can’t Be Missed\”

Xiong Yiniu Restaurant is a two-storey Japanese hot pot restaurant located on Drum Tower East Street, decorated like a gallery or a book bar. Shouxi is very popular here, remember to call to reserve a seat before you go. If you like Shouxi Sauce, don’t miss it. Beef Shouxi Pot Soup Base is made with Japanese stock, skipjack bonito and Australian beef, served with 200-day beef breasts and 150-day belly meat from Angus Valley, Australia’s black-haired beef, and raw-grade Lan Huang eggs and selected vegetables. Beef Shouxi roasted soup is particularly delicious, mellow and sweet, so after boiling, we suggest everyone taste the soup before rinsing dishes.

Xiongye Niudian Japanese hotpot cuisine, food ingredients, beautiful appearance, sweet taste.

Besides the main beef, Shouxi, the dessert tastes amazing

Most cakes are made in the shop, so the waiting time may be a little longer. But it’s real stuff, and it’s worth a try.

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