Loyalty coffee

“A cup of coffee is enough on a rainy day.”

Under the rows of old houses on the north bund of hongkou, there are shops of all sizes. The ins decoration style of this cafe is very different and simple, revealing a simple and crisp style everywhere The cafe’s name, “Rainy Days,” is a poetic gesture mixed up in a humble part of this noisy, modern metropolis. Close to the coffee shop, attracted by the black handwritten menu at the door. A dry branch, a few pines tied to a few pine nuts decorated “in business” is also elegant and creative. For every cup of coffee consumed in the cafe, an umbrella icon badge is affixed, and seven umbrellas icon are collected and exchanged for one cup of Italian coffee free of charge. Think carefully, the meaning of this badge, is not “rainy day” need an umbrella.

The store has a cute stray dog, just like the name “Loyalty”, which means loyalty, and it feels like a rainy day when you read it carefully.

Cafe exquisite dishes are simple and affordable, but the details are always the only bright spot in the store. Beans from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala and other places, are washed beans.

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