adidas NJE800

“Adidas Asia Pacific’s largest brand centre”

The largest brand center in asia-pacific region, adidas, is located in the first department store commercial center on nanjing east road, shanghai, covering an area of 3703 square meters, continuing adidas’ most popular concept of “stadium” and bringing you a richer and more vivid shopping experience A total of three floors of super-large space, the first floor is mainly for men’s sports equipment, but also includes all kinds of sports experience area; The second floor is dedicated to women’s sporting goods retail areas, NEO series, children’s clothing areas and CREATOR HUB; The third floor is a trendy area for shamrock series. The opening of the adidas NJE800 will undoubtedly provide a good place for Adidas supporters and followers of the trend movement to integrate retail, sports and fashion.

In addition to retail shopping, the 4D training ground is also a highlight of the adidas NJE800. Free to switch in basketball, football, fitness and other types of sports.

The grand opening of the NJE800, the largest brand centre in the Asia-Pacific region, has also designed two pairs of UltraBOOST NJE 800 Brand Center sneakers for its stores. In the tongue and sole, also added elements about Shanghai.

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