“Come to this man’s vintage American barbershop and listen to hip-hop.”

This is a lifestyle brand founded by music label SHFT. The FIXX BARBERSHOP is an American vintage barbershop that connects hip-hop trend music and culture. In addition to offering a one-on-one custom service, you can also listen to hip-hop music for free beer and play games while you wait. If you’re lucky, you might also run into hip-hop singers or well-known DJs, or even the world’s top 100 DJs.

The FIXX BARBERSHOP, which lights up neon lights at night, is so eye-catching that passers-by can’t help but find out.

Here beer free drink, there are fashion clothing, animation, skateboarding and other elements, should be a lot of boys to listen to it is very heartfelt.

There are only three seats and five barbers. So if you want a haircut, you’d better make an appointment in advance.

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