ZOWOO crop

“I hear that young people in Shanghai have gone here to make handicrafts.”

This is a good time, people can have a variety of ways to live. Woodwork has a kind of physical pleasure. People with the same hobbies get together to do something and chat. This is the ideal state for a crop. In addition to the sense of accomplishment that comes with making a work, what’s more important is that when you really start making it, you’re the only one who’s doing it at the moment. Woodwork, “through a move to let you calm down, but also let you play imagination, like a child pinching clay figurines, pinching on the afternoon, so simple.”

All the merchandise is wooden DIY, and the shopkeeper hopes to establish a public woodwork space so that people who have lived in the city for a long time will have the opportunity to make their own woodwork by hand.

The other interesting aspect of carpentry is that the same tools, different ways of using them, or different aids can have different effects.

Record our daily life through wooden tools and look for another way of life.

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