The firewood is rolling round

“A caf é for kimonos and photographs.”

If you want to talk about the puppy breed now, it must be the wood dog. They were affectionately described as “laughing dogs”. No, all parts of the country are rushing to open caf é s for wooden dogs, and there are also many caf é s for wooden dogs in Guangzhou, and this “wooden circle of wood”, in particular, in addition to seven lively relatives of wooden dogs, but also provide rental kimono photography services, because it is a Japanese-style courtyard environment, so wearing kimonos is very suitable. In addition is equipped with food, but also added a lot of creativity, such as making wood-dog-like dumplings, printed with wood-dog design of the gong baked, as well as wood-dog mold on the hot cocoa and so on. Because the wood dogs are too cute, so in order to control the flow of people, “round wood” adopted an appointment system. Also in order to ensure that there is enough time and space to play with the wood dog, we remember to mention the pre-appointment.

The wood dog is a breed from Japan, and the “round wood” also complies with the environment of creating a Japanese-style courtyard.

“Wood round rolling dumplings” anyone who looked at will shout a lovely, eat or red bean paste filling Ciba taste.

There are 7 firewood dogs in the shop, they are called firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, just hear the name is very cute. And don’t worry about not being able to tell them apart, because they have bibs with their own names around their necks.

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