Mark&Mars café

“Coffee shop for sneaker collectors”

Mark & Mars caf é, located at the east gate of the bustling Tianhe Sports Center, is a coffee shop run by a sneaker collector who keeps sneakers in the shop. While enjoying the shoes, don’t forget to sit outdoors and try Mark & Mars caf é ‘s snacks, whole meals, sandwiches, salads, pasta, French fries … there are a wide selection. Drinks also contain coffee, sparkling water, specialty drinks, mousses, and more. Outdoor seats in the shade of a tree, served with delicious food, whether brunch or afternoon tea, are very enjoyable.

Because the indoor space is not big, at the same time the outdoor seating environment is very good, so in the peak period will be filled with guests.

Mark & Mars caf é ‘s meal of avocados is the most popular. Like “and manatee egg sandwich”. Use whole-wheat bread, fresh avocados, and pickled cucumbers and eggs, healthy and delicious.

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