“There’s handmade Italian coffee that few people know about.”

Charlie’s Temple Front Coffee is made by the Temple Front Ice Room team, a coffee shop about Italian handmade coffee, just steps away from the Temple Front Ice Room. Coffee is the focus here, but the American, latte, and Australian white coffee menus, which are familiar to all, are not the main items, but rather the freshest drinks about coffee. For example, Caf é Anisette, Caf é corretto and so on, these are simply alcoholic beverages added to coffee, even if it is difficult to drink these coffee blends in Guangzhou. During the day, Charlie’s Temple Coffee is a cafe, but after 17:00, it will become a bar, bringing a fresh and simple experience from day to night.

Situated in a historic three-storey building, the coffee in front of the temple retains the style of the Republic of China and incorporates elements of Italian retro.

The Victoria Arduinoa espresso machine in the lobby on the first floor is a treasure of the town. It is completely manual and mechanized, and even the baristas are amazed to see it.

The cocktail list is divided into four parts: coffee cocktails, sparkling drinks, martinis and spirits. Each cocktail is based on the classic, adding the unique elements of Temple Coffee, but also rarely drinkable outside.

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