“The literary circle of Dongshankou is getting bigger and bigger.”

A complex art space hidden deep in Dongshankou villa area of the Republic of China, there are small exhibitions, art teaching, but also beer and coffee drinking. Although not far from kui yuan, but the road is a little bit off in dongshankou, if you just go to dongshankou casually, is generally not around here. 11 art space reconstruction has its own historical traces of the Republic of China villas, indoor and outdoor almost completely retain the original building * color. Red brick walls, white doors and windows, red latticework tiles, green plants, tables and three or two tables in the courtyard, will be thought of as a hidden caf é. In addition to regularly changing small exhibitions, there are weekly movie showings where tickets are exchanged for your own books. In addition to coffee, there are also small cakes, selling some exquisite crafts.

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