Brunchat cafe

“Treasure island handsome chef handmade desk brunch”

The first desk-top brunch in Shenzhen is located on the second floor of an industrial building in Overseas Chinese Town. It is more secluded but brighter than the others. All the chefs are from Taiwan. The improved desk-top brunch is more to the taste of Chinese people. The open kitchen also offers a glimpse into the food-making process and the handsome profile of Owen, the head of the kitchen. The menu is rich, with brunch, sandwiches, spaghetti, Shuffleur, salad, coffee, fruit and tea, and more. You can sit down for a whole day. French toast is cut into 3 cm thick Brio bread, and even the caramel in it takes 10 minutes to boil, which is a testament to the team’s dedication. I’m telling you, hidden menu shakes bowl to consult the clerk to order oh.

Signature Ranch Breakfast uses egg holders as a creative dish. There are a total of 12 kinds of food in the dish, all of which are carefully selected by Owen and are appetizing at first glance.

Brunchat’s secret weapon is his age, in addition to his pasture breakfast. Choose up to 6 flavors. Smear different flavors on French sour bread and you will be satisfied after eating all of them.

The chorus is paired with homemade tuna sauce, sweet and juicy.

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