Oriental Aesthetic Reading Space Without Framing

The Qianyan Bookstore, located in Vientiane City, Shenzhen Bay, and Vientiane City have achieved unity in their traditional luxury style. Unlike other bookstores, Qianyan Bookstore is designed as a fully open space, with no frame setting and no obstructions, and will not give readers a sense of cramped and rigid closure. Bookstore books on the selection and display is very careful, take into account the best-selling and nutrition, easy to pick and choose. The whole bookstore space design bright and spacious, black and gold classic color matching-based tone, in the black partition bookshelf near the occasional design of a strong sense of sofa or two, does not appear abrupt but for the bookstore added a few minutes of urban vitality. In addition to a large collection of books, some of the arts and crafts articles are also very low-key integration in the bookstore, but the appearance of too much publicity for fear of destroying the bookstore itself should be quiet atmosphere.

The book-based design saves space while taking into account the modern aesthetic needs.

The Qianyan Bookstore, which has won the public’s attention, also seamlessly connects the jewelry store with the dessert store.

Picture @ weibo Cao Aruo

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