Migratory Bird Coffee Drum Tower

“Coffee Bar by International Youth Travel”

This is the second store for Migratory Bird Coffee, located on Gulou Avenue, on the ground floor next to an international youth brigade. The first store for migratory birds is located in a hutong in the sandy area north of the Forbidden City, near the Museum of Chinese Art and next to a youth brigade. Migratory bird home hand-made coffee is very special, the choice of beans is also very exquisite, there are many champion beans and baking techniques, such as Australia White will choose roses summer beans.

The overall environment has eight or nine tables and bar positions, because next door is the reason for international youth travel, there are many foreign tourists in the store, the atmosphere is very relaxed and not noisy.

On the menu are some basic coffee and drinks, as well as dessert cakes, hand-made coffee is placed on the bar beans for lovers to choose from, can also be close to the barista, while tasting coffee can also learn some of the basics of coffee.

Choose Meiji milk, each coffee is equipped with the most suitable beans, beans flavor outstanding.

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