“Super lattes are really, really tasty.”

There are not many boutique coffee shops in Wangjing area, but the “September Day” above Wangjing SOHO is the best one. Although the store is small, it has won a good reputation for its high-quality coffee since it opened last summer. Super popular “super lattes” to countless people to dazzle, the other several lattes are also very good evaluation. Even traditional black cafes can make innovations.

L-shaped shops, bar and sofa seats are available. Sit in the bar if you want to sit, friends chat, you can choose the comfortable sofa.

Let’s start with the latte series. The most popular is the super latte, which uses milk that has been dehydrated and has a stronger flavor. The barista will remind you to drink milk before pouring in your coffee. Often, however, because milk is so tasty, many guests feel that pouring in coffee overshadows them and may even want to buy the dehydrated milk alone. In addition, black and white lattes (dirty), wong tsai lattes, cinnamon lattes are also good choices.

Traditional black coffee also has innovation: small fresh hand chong, old smoke gunner chong, wine putty hand chong, white rich beautiful hand chong are very attractive. And our unique “punch” series, is three special creative coffee.

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