“Logo is a black and white coffee shop for pandas.”

Nine have opened four chain boutique coffee shops, the first in the Beijing Normal University campus, Liangmaqiao and Gongwangfu also have branches, this is near the Financial University. Inside the shop environment is belong to the feeling of the street coffee shop, there are chairs against the wall, suitable for outing, the price is also touching people, open at 8 o’clock every morning. The nine mascots are cute and representative of a giant panda.

Black-and-white collocation, concise and generous, this map of downtown Beijing uses badges to mark the location of the four stores.

Coffee machine is also black and white, menu has been hand-brewed coffee beans introduced everywhere also revealed the theme of the panda.

On the other side are ear packs and cups.

In addition to milk cafes and hand-blown, there are also several creative types of coffee, such as mixed coconuts or soup.

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