White Castle

“White Castle, also named in the Green Paper”

White Castle, also named in the Green Paper, has been working on new tricks since it entered China in 2017. From mapo tofu to lava cheese and all-vegetarian kimchi tofu, the burger is decorated in a different style than the first two-a signature blue-and-white door with a clear floor-to-ceiling glass that is recognizable from a distance as the “ancestor of the burger chain.” Don’t worry, the decoration style has changed, the castle is still as lovely as ever, the shop song list is still good taste. Location is very easy to find, near Xujiahui Tengfei Square along the street, subway Line 4 Shanghai Stadium walk for about 5 minutes.

The blue-and-white sign seems to be a return to White Castle’s 1921 message of “cleanliness” and a light for those looking for the castle.

The spirit of the leopard at the door is still the same. Why is there a leopard at the door? Originally thought to be the function of money, asked the steward to understand this is to pay tribute to the “pig head stroll down the street” in the classic bridge, two people riding a leopard invincible …

The White Castle burger is not as beautiful as a flower. It is smaller, more creative and simple. The price-performance ratio of the three burger packages is very high, and the hotpot base sauce in the sauce area is satisfying. And Tengfei also has a more sophisticated mix-and-match Coke machine to add to the fun of drinking!

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