“Old Shanghai Complex of Northern Girls”

A girl from the north brought the legendary soda pear from the northeast to Shanghai and combined it with coffee to make the coffee a big white pear with unique taste. This three-storey building, located in a residential district, is a bit difficult to find, but it is a new world to push the door open. Old Shanghai can be seen everywhere, can drink coffee, eat dessert, but also a residential. Of course, if you’re interested, talk to the owner’s sister about astrology and have a good afternoon.

Old Shanghai is so ubiquitous that it’s hard to imagine that this is a coffee shop run by a Northeast girl.

There is a big table on the first floor, especially for friends to get together. If you want to enjoy your afternoon tea quietly, a small table on the second and third floors will do the trick.

The signature big white pear coffee is a big feature of the shop. The shopkeeper will remind you to take a sip of soda before pouring in your coffee. Of course, coffee is also popular.

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