Deep in flowers and trees

“A’non-mainstream ‘teahouse hidden in a lane.”

Named “Deep in the Flowers and Trees”, it is hoped that even in the cold and boring city, it can create its own natural scenery, accompanied by flowers and trees. Originally, Deep in the Flowers and Trees was just a private teahouse for oneself to use, read, meditate, and do something for a living, during which tea drinking was a necessity of life. Sometimes a friend would come to the sea to have a heart-to-heart chat by drinking tea, sit until late at night, quiet enough to dare not speak loudly around, only heard the yard insects and breeze blowing through the wind chimes issued a clear echo. Later, more and more friends suggested that the shopkeeper open the shop in the hope that more people would have a good place to go. Although not a professional tea ceremony studio, but willing to accept and like everyone in their own natural and comfortable way to drink tea, relax, or even idle.

Here is often the subject and object upside down, or at the beginning there is no so-called host and guest, whoever wants to sit on the Throne can make tea.

Smell the different fragrance of tea immersed in the bottom of the cup, feel the bitterness or sweetness from the tip of the tongue spread all the way, how similar the tea and life story. Unconsciously, here has become friends of the “Spiritual Garden.”

In this small teahouse, there are different people, pregnant with all kinds of unknown stories. We may not come for tea, but we must come for ourselves.

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