PARAS Coffee Newsstand

“A coffee shop made of newspapers and plastic boxes.”

Street corner shop space is very small, the wall is paper, bar along both sides of the wall with a drink box stacked up, put a board on the surface is a sufficient open bar, a few “seats” but with old newspapers tied up, for guests to rest feet, looks simple, actually very funny. The bar is still equipped with the same machines, coffee is still the same, hand-made single and Italian coffee is available, especially to provide single coffee beans to make milk coffee, the taste is new and varied, very interesting. The neon tube “Hello Good day” of the old store hung on the window, and the familiar sense of belonging of the old guests scraped up. The Newsstand was only a temporary guerrilla store during the renovation of the old store, but now PARAS has decided to make it a permanent pop up. You can go all the way to this simple cafe and do simple things and drink good coffee.

The guerrilla store is just across the street from Xiangyang Park, with beige walls and black shop signs, as well as neon lights on the windows. It’s easy to recognize.

This is an incredibly simple cafe, full bar area and a few newspaper locations, no wifi.

The newly renovated store is ready to reopen, but this guerrilla store will be here all the time.

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