Fuchun cage

“The famous snack outside the lane, the beautiful morning of Nannan in Shanghai”

This is an old-fashioned restaurant on Yuyuan Road. No matter Shanghai native or traveler, you can’t miss this authentic little cage restaurant. Fuchun Xiaolong, a ten-odd-year-old shop on the 100-year-old Fool Garden Road, occupies an extraordinary position in the hearts of Shanghai people. Bacon noodles, onion oil dressing noodles, spring rolls, Ciba, fried pork chops, three fresh wontons, I do not know how many Shanghai people warm the stomach, as long as a bite will not forget the flavor of this lane. The shop also has a collection of old Shanghai cutlery, such as pictures, decorated with plum blossoms on the plate, let people feel the shop’s protection and heritage of their own history and culture.

The dark green leather sofa, colored glass chandelier and glass partition in the shop are quite elegant and smelling of the 1970s in old Shanghai. The picture on the wall is the old appearance of the old shop ten years ago, which allows diners to better understand the origin of the Fuchun cage.

Fuchun small cage, can be said to be Shanghai people’s memories. Whether it’s breakfast or a casual lunch, it’s a trustworthy choice.

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