% Arabica Shanghai Roastery

“Popular Coffee Shop Landing on the Bund”

Speaking of Arabica, coffee lovers in Shanghai are no stranger to the fact that they have been on fire all over the city since the Lunar New Year, and many customers have queued for an hour or two to get a full cup of coffee! This time, their 15th and second in Shanghai,% Arabica Shanghai Roastery, officially meets you at the Bund Source! Arabica’s shop style is very simple,% logo on the glass window, the design is very ingenious, said to be a symbol of coffee fruit, the store’s internal wall is a map, both ends of the coffee machine have% logo, placed in a row of% Logo cups neat, but also very design aesthetic. In order to offer customers who are allergic to milk a variety of options for drinking coffee, the store also has a soy-milk version of the coffee, designed to be particularly thoughtful. Like the general latte can choose coffee latte, very mellow taste with their special beautiful flower, drink a cup of coffee have a good experience.
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Hot drinks, including coffee lattes, have beautiful broccoli, which still looks beautiful, mellow in the mouth and heavy in the taste.

Japanese well-known barista Junichi Yamaguchi as a heavyweight barista to control the shop’s production, the shop all pull flowers can be said to be unique!

The coffee beans used in the shop are consistent with the shop name% Arabica. Choose 100% Arabica coffee beans. The quality is guaranteed and the taste is quite good.

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