the Paragraph

“Furniture Buyer’s Shop with 16 Rooms in Different Styles”

Located at 617 Yongjia Road, Shanghai, the Paragraph consists of two 100-year-old protected buildings and gardens. There are 16 different style rooms in the shop, in order to create a different family style and family atmosphere, so that the purchase of furniture guests have a sense of substitution. The team of professional buyers visited more than 400 furniture stores around the world and bought everything from wardrobes to carpets to chandeliers to plants. At the same time, “excerpts” also provide online orders, save the trouble of personally carrying.

When the storefront is renovated and decorated, a large number of basic repairs have been made while preserving the original appearance, in an attempt to integrate modern and comfortable home life into the two hundred-year-old buildings.

The oldest designers of the items sold in the excerpt are nearly 100 years old, and the youngest are just 24 years old. Imagine a 24-year-old designer next to a work by a designer in his 90s, but when they appear in the same space, there is no disagreement.

Each room has its own QR code on the wall at the entrance to the door. Pick up your mobile phone and scan the QR code with WeChat. Each item in the room will be displayed in a small program. You can easily view the price, material, details and other information of the items. You can shop, collect and purchase them in your palm.

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