Seesaw Coffee 上生新所

“Seesaw New Airport Scene Concept Store”

Seesaw Coffee’s new store is located in the Mordor’s new landmark, Shangsheng New House. Because the Shangsheng New House was formerly known as the Columbia Country Club, it is also known as the Columbia Park, and Seesaw Coffee’s new store will be affectionately known as the Columbia Store. Unlike other stores in the malls, Columbia uses the concept of “boarding scenes” to create a spacious, bright, and sufficiently intimate space, using elements of the circular arch that have become popular in recent days. Even the clerks played dreescode, uniformly dressed as mechanic, and customers were even free to enter and leave the bar, giving the impression of coffee breaks in airport workshops.

“Circular Arch” is a very popular decoration style recently. Seesaw Coffee, on the other hand, designed the entire storefront as a circular arch.

There are seven coffee beans and seven lamarzisco LevaX bean grinders, so the “coffee battle” is rare in China.

Partial Picture @ mars-Bottle Cap

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