Très Bon Vintage

“French Romance Full House”

In the garden of Huaqiao New Village, there is a retro French cabin. Before entering the house, he was greeted with a freshness by the tiles and the French melody in the background music. Store owners who studied in France love to go to markets, calling themselves “Little Dragons of French Markets.” They also like to travel and collect their footprints everywhere. In the shop you can not only find antique clothing, tableware, tea sets, coffee beans and jam, but also buy the owner’s purchase of red wine and skin care makeup and so on. Shop assistant sister also seems to bring a French cute, sitting on the sofa listening to songs, chatting about the story of each refrigerator sticker, candy flavor of the time is going so. Holidays and weekdays In order to avoid emptying, remember to check the owner’s Weibo @ to confirm business information before you go.

French bottle openers of the 1970s and 1980s, metal boxes of ox bones, wooden globes, pencil pencils from the Czech Republic, vintage waistcoats with unique textures … you don’t know how many surprises there are.

In the owner’s “yard diary,” every oddment carries a story, but their journey begins with looking at you.

If you can experience and like old things, you can certainly enjoy this small retro grocery store, harvest some healing.

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