Light of the South City

Many people are speechless when it comes to Fengtai, which has a good cafe in what. Not only Fengtai, look at the entire South City, it is difficult to say the name of a good coffee shop in what. Now, this awkward situation has finally been broken. Lumineer, which runs across the street from Shouyang, ends the “South City without boutiques”. The boss confessed that he opened the store for students and community service nearby. In addition to regular items and Italian, the boss keeps researching creative products. Many of the store’s furnishings are old, such as chandeliers from Soviet factories in the 1970s and mirrors from the 1980s.

The geographical location is excellent, just opposite to the capital economy and trade obliquely. The white storefront is really a clean stream.

The simplicity of the industry, together with many old items and the owner’s personal treasures, gave the store its own tone.

In addition to individual items and Italian, some creative coffee is also being developed. In addition, there are such as coffee cups, environmental bags and other peripheral sales.

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