“Villa Bohemia Garden”

Pent Fair loft, the first Bohemian lifestyle brand in China. Explore the ethnic patterns, contemporary Bohemian lifestyles, tribal art, and nomadic culture of the “Asian, African, and Latin American” style. In modern industry and consumerism, the pursuit of borderless, primitive and folk art forms, as well as aesthetic tension with freedom and vagrancy. The attic houses rooms with different theme styles, where you can see the primitive tribal style of Africa, feel the unrestrained enthusiasm of Latin America, touch the gates of the century-old house in Rajasthan, India, and cross the desert romance of the Silk Road fantasy. In addition, the villa has its own nearly 300-square open-air garden, with Indian tents, Moroccan rugs and Nordic hunting chairs, where countless events were held this summer, where people danced, drank, staged bazaars and watched open-air movies.

Villa No. 216, Jiuxianqiao Riverside, was built by two lifestyle brands, Pent Fair Loft and Agehome. The medieval home from the Nordic Swedish auction house is perfectly integrated with the Bohemian style with strong national colours in the villa space. The Nordic classic elegance collides with the wild hippies of Asia, Africa and Latin America to create another spark, making it the most aesthetic and comprehensive space in the city.

This is not only a brand off-line display shop, but also a cultural exchange carrier to promote a new way of life. They cooperate with many media, independent brands, designers, creators and artists to hold online and offline activities with different styles; Also welcome all types of space rental, such as shooting, parties, exhibitions, salons, conferences, workshops and so on.

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