“A fashionable place to have tea on financial street”

Chunyu’s name comes from the book of Mountains and Seas, which says, “Eight thousand years old is a chun, and eight thousand years old is a qiu.” “Chun” has a long-term meaning, just like China is the hometown of tea, has a history of thousands of years; “Yu” represents the hope that parents give to the younger generation. Jacob, the founder of the family with decades of tea business experience, hopes to be an ideal tea product of his own, creating a natural and comfortable tea drinking place that breaks traditional boundaries, attaches importance to people-to-people connections, and is modern and intelligent. Located in Financial Street, this shop is Chunyu’s first off-line experience store. The furniture in the shop is MUUTO, a Danish high-grade furniture, with bright colors but no loss of temperament, which makes the whole tea space not only fashionable, young, but also quality and high-grade. The shop has more than 10 pieces of 6 meters high-rise super-large floor-to-ceiling windows, fully illuminated by light, coupled with simple tea sets, the whole space is spacious and bright. This will be the new landmark of Financial Street. There are 11 different tastes of good tea, including HAND DRIP, COLD BREW, ICE DRIP, NITRO and edible teas.

All the furniture in the shop is imported from Europe, after more than 30 days across the sea to China. Because of the store’s intentions and stylish design style, the photos taken here must also be in the proper INSTAGRAM style.

After 2000 rounds of rigorous tea evaluation, National Tea Appraiser has selected 11 quality teas with different tastes, including taste, sweetness, freshness, mellowness, fragrance… and Chunyu’s unique blend of teas, where drinking tea has many different experiences.

The Chunyu TEA BOX series includes seven of the six most flavorful teas and a unique blend of four teas, all of which are packaged in a concise and representative way.

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